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i have recently purchased an antique trunk and would like to know how old,where it comes from, and what the worth estimated would be.

these were made around 1880-1910 but yours came from a store that opened in 1902 so that will be a pretty good date.  There were many companies that procuced and manufactured trunks so without a company label no one will ever know which one made this one as they were all very similar.

as shown it would sell at 75-100$

as to where it comes from it is on the label, lynn ma. the besse rolfe company which was a store that sold mens, ladies, childrens clothing along with trunks and bags.

interesting that the company had within its system (as it was called then) 18 stores in the New England area and another 23 in the Foster system which they were associated with.

from my files::

Meridian has good reason to be proud perhaps especially so of the store of the Besse Boynton Company a benefit to the community and an ornament to the town and city since 1902 when it was established The store occupies the whole building at 19 Colony street in the very heart of the business center and its attractive show windows vie with the interior in point of attractiveness The building now occupied by them presents itself in more pleasing contrast since transformed from the boarding house for which purpose the building was formerly used It was at no small expense that the company altered the building which was entirely remodeled A whole new front was put in and like the whole of the ground floor extends to what was originally the top of the second story In order to accomplish this one floor was taken out The store since being under the present regime also has become possessed not only of pressed steel walls and ceilings of artistic pattern but elaborate fittings fixtures and equipments bringing about a most radical change and making the store one of the most attractive in the state and wholly on a par with the other eighteen stores in as many cities now controlled by the Besse system of which the Besse Boynton Co is a part These stores are as follows Besse Boynton Co Meriden Conn Besse Mills Co Holyoke Mass Besse Rolfe Co Lynn Mass Besse Eld ridge Co Manchester XH Besse Bryant Co Worcester Mass Besse Baker Co Brockton Mass Besse Boeker Co Providence RI Besse Richey Co New Haven Conn Besse Russell Co Fall River Mass Besse Leland Co New Britain Conn Besse Carpenter Co Springfield Mass Besse Bryant Co Nash ua XH Besse Sprague Co Syracuse XY Besse Fox Co Bangor Me Besse Avery Co Kansas City Mo Bryant Besse Co Xorwalk Conn Foster Avery Co Portland Me Foster Besse Co Bridgeport Conn and AL Foster Co Hartford Conn This system is also associated with the Foster system comprising twenty three other stores all of which have sprung from that established in Bridgeport by Foster Besse & Co in 1877 and the mother store has by no means any cause to be ashamed of her healthy offsprings nor is the Meriden store any exception for not only is it comely in appearance but the goods and prices are among its drawing qualities There is a main floor where clothing hats and men's furnishings are found in large quantities and infinite variety In the rear of the store is a balcony reached by an attractive staircase where the office is located and also a large department containing boys clothing The basement is also an important part of this popular trading place for men and boys and there also is a large and most desirable stock of trunks and bags The store is kept scrupulously neat and clean and old styles are an unknown quantity there The large number of clerks kept busy and the large volume of business done 156 A CENTURY OF MERIDEN
shows that not only is the store attractive to the buying public but that the goods meet with favor among the well dressed men and boys of the Silver City and surrounding territory The store as first opened was known as Besse Boeker Co but February 1904 was changed to the present style Mr Boeker who had managed the store up to that time resigned to take charge of another of the Besse system stores at Providence RI The company as now incorporated consists of LW Besse president and AE Boynton secretary and treasurer the latter being the resident manager Mr Boynton came to Meriden to take charge of the store which now bears his name after having been associated with the Besse system for a number of years and having formerly been employed at the Springfield store of the Besse Carpenter Co He has attained his present position in the company from the bottom round of the business ladder Since coming to this city he has fully upheld the ideals of his predecessor and continued to increase the trade and popularity of the store and incidentally to make many staunch friends in both local business social circles Mr Boynton resides on Linslev avenue  

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