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I purchased an old dual candy dispenser machine at a yard sale and cannot find a key to open it.  I have taken it to a local locksmith and he said there is nothing he can do for me.  The machines themselves are green and the letter "V" is marked where the candy dispenses.  That's it.  No other numbers/names.  The are situated on an oak pedestal. My question is can you identify this with a picture and can you help me find a key for it.  your help is appreciated.

Thank you for your question.  By your description it sounds like you have purchased modern vending machines, not vintage.  A picture will help me confirm this.  If they work on a quarter then they are definitely modern.

There are hundreds of different styles and cuts of keys for vending machines, so it would be unlikely for you to find one that happens to open your machines.  If the key slot is flat (as opposed to a circle) it would be relatively easy for a locksmith to pick, so you may want to try a different one.  If the keyhole is a circle shape these are much more difficult to pick and this would explain why the locksmith turned you away.

Your best option may be to drill out the locks.  Replacement locks with keys are available on eBay and other websites for a few dollars.  Just be careful not to drill too deep as you could damage the threaded rod that the lock screws on to.

Good luck, and I hope this information is helpful.
Dave Brown

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