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Heywood Brothers Rocker
Heywood Brothers Rocke  
QUESTION: Dear Robert,
We recently purchased a house and in the process of that purchase, we also received many wicker items, one of which is listed below. The rocker is beautifully detailed but is needs some work to restore it to a point where it is useable. The sticker on the bottom is faded somewhat, but you can clearly see the Heywood Brothers Wakefield Co on the bottom of the rocker. The "No" is hand written in ink and looks to be either 6830 or 6832 followed by a "B".
Can you give me some history on this rocker, help me with a place to have it repaired and give me an idea of its approx value.
Thanks very much for your time

ANSWER: if you will send two pictures of the rocker, front and side views, good clear photos, in focus i will try to help.

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where are you located??

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Heywood Bros Rocker
Heywood Bros Rocker  
Heywood Bros Rocker #2
Heywood Bros Rocker #2  
QUESTION: Thanks Robert. I was away for the weekend and just arrived home tonight.
I am located in Scranton, Pa.
Here are two new images

ANSWER: This is absolutely spectacular.  Finding and having the good old victorian style wicker is a treasure.

Buy the book "American Wicker , woven furniture from 1850-1930", "Fine Wicker Furniture 1870-1930" and any of the digitized catalogs you can find online.  there is just to much information on Heyward Brothers and Wakefield Company to go into here.  Enough said to know they were the primer companies and the leaders even before their merger in 1897.  From humble beginnings, one started in  a shed and the other started by salvaging the rattan and wicker used as dunnage in ships holds.

please tell me what is it that you say needs to be repaired for usage.  as to the cane seat (radio weave), that could be covered with a cushion after threading cane (coated with shellac) to patch the hole.  do not replace the seat.  this chair is natural and original.  i see another part of the left arm at the bottom of the curve as you face the chair that appears to be displaced but is it intact.  also in the back where the cane is woven in the star pattern it appears some strands are missing.  that would be rewoven, patched not replaced.  it is difficult to find competent people to do this type of work.

A retail price for a chair of this quality, as shown, would start around 1600$.  hard to give a top since i am not there to examine in person.  I would recommend a vacuuming with a brush nozzle but put a piece of cheesecloth over the brush so if something comes loose it does not get sucked into the vacuum.  then either wax, like briwax clear or beaute clear would be good applied lightly with a shoe brush, both sides and then buffed with a clean shoe brush.

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QUESTION: Robert...thanks so much for the detailed info, the recommendations for care & cleaning and the leads as to where to find more info. The left side, arm of the chair at the bottom where is glued into the seat, is broken somewhere in that area.
At some point, it has been repaired using an old peice of copper tubing about 3" long, to give that arm stability.
Other than that, the rocker is in awesome shape. I would like to find someone who could repair this in the correct manner, but not sure that type of service even exists in this day and age.
Thanks again for your help and we do have more wicker pieces, most of which are painted white, but are equally ornate, that I could send you pictures of.
Mike H

i would live to see the other pictures.  you may send to my email with the pictures as attachments to one email.

please send a photo showing the copper repaired arm if possible.  I assume the bottom of the arm fits into a stopped hole (the hole doesn't go completely though the seat).

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