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Porcelain jar
Porcelain jar  

Lid underside
Lid underside  
I am trying to find out more info regarding our porcelain Biscuit Jar. I will send pictures and there is a stamped mark under the lid...the only markings on the bottom of the jar is the number 2598. If you don't have an answer if you could point me to a source it would help.

Hey Bob

Thanks for the question.  My area of specialty is american art pottery but I'll take a crack at this one...  

What you have I believe is a very nice Mount Washington biscuit jar with a silverplate top made especially for the jar probably by Tufts of Boston.  Mount Washington is a very well-known and collected porcelain/glass company operating as early as the mid-1800's and I think your biscuit jar is circa 1890.  

Mount Washington made numerous styles and forms of this type of jar but you should be able to "Google" Mt. Washington and check out the numerous images that will most likely appear to help identify your particular "pattern".  Without a guide in front of me I'm not 100% sure but I think the pattern name is "Peachblow".  

I hope this information is helpful and feel free to send me any additional questions if you need to.  I'm always happy to assist!


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