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Thimble size 9
Thimble size 9  

Inside Marks
Inside Marks  
I have a size 9 thimble which is Sterling and appears that it has a "gold washed" band. It's in excellent condition. I researched the symbol and came up with Ketcham & McDougall. I'm trying to get the year that is was made and approximate value. It's a beautiful piece.

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Hello Yvonne.  You did very well researching your thimble!  It is, in fact, made by Ketcham and McDougall.  They were in business from 1832 until 1932 in New York City.  Your band pattern is referred to as "chased scrolls" and came in a 14K gold washed band, a 10K gold washed band and a sterling band.  This thimble design was first offered in the 1880s and could have been issued anytime between then and 1932.  Scroll thimbles were very popular in the 1920s.  They originally sold for $24 per dozen.  Gay Ann Rogers has a book and price guide on thimbles.  She valued this type of thimble at $45-65 but that was in 1989.  Thimble prices, like many things in this economy, have dropped considerably.  If you thimble is perfectly round, has no pin holes (hold it up to the light and look inside), has no dents, dings or scratches, your thimble is worth approximately $30-$40.  Searching eBay completed auctions might give you a better picture of what your thimble is worth.  Hope I've helped.  Barbara  

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