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glass globe
glass globe  
Unknown Globe
Unknown Globe  
QUESTION: Hello Jack, Found this globe in a garage cleanout and was hoping you might help with identifying it. I found no other parts . It is about 10 inches tall and heavy glass

ANSWER: Hi Douglas,
I can not get thr photos to enlarge, but I do not think that you have a vending machine
globe. I can't tell if it is open at the base. If not, it can't be a vending globe. The top appears to be removeable. If so, and there is no way to lock the top, it would not be a vending
machine globe. It appears to be a candy jar that sat on the counter in a candy or ice cream store. Sorry I couldn't be of more help. Jack

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

unknown globe again
unknown globe again  
QUESTION: I Thank you for your quick response, Sorry about the prior pics. the top does have a 7/16 opening at the center of nearly one inch raised hub. It seems to have been a three part mold, as there are three side seems. The bottom opening is about 4 inches diameter inside and about 5 inches outside flange diameter , and has three leg like tabs about 3/4 inches wide.  I do very much appreciate your time an consideration. Will add another photo. Good luck in all your future endeavors . Thanks Doug  (314) 532 - 6395

Sorry Doug, but I don't know what the globe belongs to. A photo just does not show enough detail to know for sure. If it does not have anything embossed in the glass, with the
opening at the bottom, it could be a globe for any number od vending machines, or something
from a drug store, or an outside street lamp. Who knows???  Jack

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