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Vintage Victor VVC-120
Vintage Victor VVC-120  
Hi, I just got my hands on a really awesome gumball machine, but it sadly lacks a key. I was hoping someone on here would know where or how I could get a key and this seemed like the place to ask. I also don't entirely know how to open the bottom money compartment. Please also note I am in Canada and do not know the availability of keys here compared to the US.


Hi Beth.
That's a nice machine you have.  The lock on top unscrews, and once off the rest of the machine lifts off of a center rod exposing the coin compartment at the bottom.
Unfortunately Victor Vending Corp (VVC) used dozens or perhaps hundreds of different keys on their machines.  The odds of finding the right one are slim.  A locksmith can probably get it open for you.  The only other option is to drill the lock to get it off.  If you end up drilling, replacement locks are available for a few dollars on eBay so you can make it complete again.

Thank you, And I hope this has been helpful.
Dave Brown

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