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I acquired a P&S trunk and have done some research on it, I discovered it was made only about an hour north of where I live in Bangor Maine.  I love the history behind Parkhurst, how he brought many jobs to the area, held one of the shortest terms as governor when he died about 2 weeks after taking office, and the story of how his wife met a prince of Italy on the island I grew up on, and went on to divorce Parkurst and marry the prince and the fight about the legality of the marriage in the eyes of the Catholic Church.  I discovered he made a wide variety of trunks in varying sizes to accomidate travelers needs. I have not been able to find much about what the value of my trunk may be, and am curious. I would like to store blankets inside but it smells strongly of my grandmothers attic. What would be the best way for me to get rid of this smell? Thanks for your input!

1913 Parkhurst Trunks
1913 Parkhurst Trunks  

That's great that you found a nice Parkhurst trunk from your area. It sounds like you've been doing some research on the history and yes, it is a very interesting history as you said. Parkhurst is one of a fairly small number of trunk makers that do have a good amount of history available online, including a picture of the old factory building in Bangor. Like most trunk makers they did make a large variety of trunks and I have two of their old catalogs, from 1901 and 1913, which contain about 30 pages of trunk models, although many are very similar with small differences. Some of their trunks, such as yours, had the P&S label with a one year guarantee. Some of the less expensive models did not have that guarantee according to the catalog. This trunk seems to match the description and appearance of their model 335 in the 1913 catalog and I'm attaching that catalog page for you.  You can read the description they give of the trunk and another trunk on that page. They made trunks with metal, canvas, and leather covering. The canvas trunks were good trunks but the leather covering was the most expensive. The trunk looks like it's in very good condition and only missing parts of the two leather straps. It's great that it still has the tray with cover also. I've had a few Parkhurst trunks and see them now and then for sale. There were many American trunk companies that made similar model trunks and most trunks of this style seem to sell for about the same price range, in comparable condition of course. The retail value range in very good condition with the tray is from about $200 to $400 in most areas. They can be found for less sometimes at auctions or flea markets, etc., but are sometimes seen with higher asking prices.  
I hope this information helps and enjoy your trunk.  
P.S. there is often a key code stamped on the front of the lock and if looking for a key you can contact me as I may have the original style key.  


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