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Front of Buffet
Front of Buffet  

I have an antique buffet "Built by John Since 1891 Inviting Furniture For Restful Homes"

I don't know the age or really much about it at all other than the info I've read on your website, from what I'm reading it's possible built between 1920s to 1940s?

I'd like to get an idea what this piece may be worth.  It needs some drawer adjustments and two of the handles are missing parts.   

On the back it says "Buff 125".

Thank you for any help.

ANSWER: use the followup function and post picture of any and all labels


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

BUFF 125
BUFF 125  

QUESTION: Attached are pictures of the partial label found in the top drawer, right side and pics of handwritten 125 Buffet and the white stenciled 125 BUFF.

the 125 is an inventory or style number or catalog number for the buffet.
it is walnut veneer and is from 1930s.  Unless it is sold in the area of the factory, Oregon, then it would sell around 350-450.

hope this helps!

Here is some info from my files:
Jim Condon BP John's grandson wrote;
B.P. John started his own company in 1929 although the outside of his factory said "Built by John - Since 1891." 1891 is really when he started making furniture at Doernbecher as a kid. BP John was born in 1875.
Grandson of BP John

Peter Fournier;
Bruno Paul John was with Doernbecher Furniture until 1927.  In 1919 he and Harry A. Green bought the company on contract from Frank Silas Doernbecher for $587,000.  John became Vice President, with an interest in the company of 47%.  In 1927, Green pushed him out of the company, removing John's name from his door.  The shareholders paid him $1.25 million in installments for his shares.  His first business after this was a lime quarry in Grants Pass, which he quickly sold.  ("Bruno Paul John, An Oregon Legacy", Kathryn Hurd, Meripah Press, Estacada Oregon, 1997, pp. 27-29).

Jim Condon (grandson);
Burno Paul John was a German immigrant that helped start and fund Doernbecher Manufacturing in Portland, Oregon in 1911.  After running that company for 16 years he started his own furniture plant in 1929 and survived the depression.  He sold the plant in 1953. It was operational until it was again sold to a corporate conglomerate in about 1973.  It was then moved to Irvine, CA where it operated there for a number of years.

sunshine wrote;
The B.P. factory went out of business in February 1978 according to THE OREGONIAN, FRIDAY,FEBRUARY 3, 1978 B.P. JOHN FACTORY. and it says "this is it !!! final windup... the end ofd the era!"  

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