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Heywood Wakefield dresser
Heywood Wakefield dres  

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Mr. Klein,

My parents have several pieces of Heywood Wakefield in their original color (blonde) and condition. There is a 6-drawer dresser, a 5-drawer chest-of-drawers, and a large rectangular mirror. My brother has the double-bed headboard right now but I can get it back if needed. There is a stamp on the inside of a drawer for each piece.

They also have two (side) tables (not bedside) by Heywood Wakefield. One is square with a rather large opening for magazines and the other is a bit shorter and is a two-level rectangular piece. They were both refinished in a darker stain around the late 1960's.  

We are have no idea what the value today might be for the pieces and I cannot attach more photos for the mirror or other pieces mentioned. Would you please assist?  I would really appreciate it.

You can send the pictures, of the whole set to my email.  that will help!

to determine value really is difficult here as some collectors will pay too much and unfortunately to many buyers is just a good well made collectable br set.

with the original finish and color, the back or under neath or under a frawer they usually have stenciled the actual color name:

"Amber:  1936-1939:  A ruddy, maple color"
"Bleached:  1936-1939:  A clear, sparkling blond tone"
"Wheat:  1937-1966:  A yellow shade resembling the color of natural ripened grains"
"Champagne: 1939-1966:  A pinkish tone resembling a properly-made champagne cocktail"
"Platinum:  1954-1961:  A natural blond color with overtones of light gray and light beige blended to a platinum hue"
"Westwood:  1962-1966:  An exceptionally-transparent finish with a light-honey tone"
"Modern Walnut:  1936-1944:  A walnut-colored finish designed for use on chairs which were to be used in combination with furniture from other manufacturers."

"Other Finishes:  Occasionally Heywood-Wakefield used darker finishes on Modern.  Available in the late 1950s and 1960s (sometimes at an extra cost), these darker finishes included Winthrop, Priscilla Maple, Sable Grey, Walnut, Topaz, Windsor, Fruitwood, Tampico, Clove, and Sherry."  they had several, platinum, champagne, wheat, westwood

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