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Hello Sir!

I have been searching and searching for information on this really neat thing that I have--and I thought maybe you might be able to help me. I have a Rek-O-kut, Series 5, Model G2, transcription turntable in a leather case that fastens, with a tonearm (I write that because I found two others--that's it--on the vast ocean of internet, without). I bought it at a garage sale, just because I thought it was cool. Unlike my grandfather's record collection or my grandmother's piano, I have no sentimental attachment to it, apart from the fact that I bought it just because it's awesome. I just like it.
Anyway, I am struggling to figure out if it is worth something. I am seeing astronomical numbers, for pieces without a case and without the arm (I like the arm too--It's cool, it has a red piece that says 78 push turn LP and this knob on the side)--but I don't know if I'm looking at the wrong thing, or if I'm hallucinating or something. I bought this for 20 dollars. It can't be worth as much as I'm seeing...or can it?
Any advice would be so welcomed. I have no idea what I'm doing.

Thank you so much, sir, in advance!! I appreciate your time!!

Back in the days when shellac and vinyl were king, Rek O Kut was the standard of the industry for turntables. Most radio stations used them as the disc jockeys played peoples favorites, both 78, 33 1/3. I happen to own a  Rek O Kut Rondine which I have not used for a few years. Rek O Kut also made recording turntables which inspired the name Rek O Kut.

What you probably have is a portable unit that was taken to wedding receptions, dances, etc. and played record through an amplifier and portable loud speaker system.

If it does not run, there are probably two things to look for. On once occasion I had to completely disassemble mine because the oil became gummy and seized up the motor so it could not turn. It was an easy fix by disassembling the motor and cleaning the bearing and shaft with carburetor cleaner. I then reassembled it and it worked fine ever since, after lubricating it. Some turntables used a belt drive, others used an idler system. In either case this means rubber parts which may have deteriorated. Some of these parts are still available on the internet. Sometimes an idler can be resurfaced by sanding the hard part off with coarse sand paper.

The price of Rek O Kut seems to vary greatly from $50. to $1500. depending on the model. Disc jockeys no longer use records but have an electronic library in their computer which they can take to wedding receptions and dances. However, vinyl is coming back and old record players are selling at estate and garage sales. It looks like you have a very nice collectors item.  

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