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United Wilson
United Wilson  
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QUESTION: Hi Dennis,

I've acquired a heavy Porcelain Lamp that has a blue United Wilson 1897 mark on the bottom. Can you tell me anything about this lamp? I was told it was from Europe. Any information about the artwork would be greatly appreciated.


ANSWER: Mallory,

From many accounts I researched, it seems as though this is a piece produced (and reproduced) in Hong Kong by a company that still exists today.  I'm guessing from the mark that your piece was produced in the mid-60's to mid- 1970's and is a reproduction piece.

United Wilson Porcelain Factory is the Hong Kong company that made this item. They specialize in copying European Blue and White and antique metal mounted ceramics and 18th century Chinese Export porcelain. They churn out tons of fakes, reproductions and fantasy 'decorator' items each year, much of which is for Western consumption.

The crowned mark on the base includes a number suggesting a year date of '1897.' Unfortunately for any who might buy this item as made in that year, the '1897' year date is just as fake as the item itself. That number does not refer to the year this piece was made. If you were to buy another example of this item brand new tomorrow (and you probably could) it would also sport the same 'year' mark of 1897.

Hope this helps you.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for this information Dennis. I wasn't sure if what I had was a replica. It does have a European plug but I suppose that may not mean much. Do you know what the artwork symbolizes and would it be worth anything?

Thank you!


Sorry for the delay.  I'm guessing that the artwork might have some european significance, but I'm guessing its just a copy of some notable english crest of some sort or another.  I would estimate that the lamp - if it works - might be worth about $75-$100 to the right buyer.

Thanks again for the question.  I hope I was somewhat helpful.


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