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QUESTION: First of all, I would like to apologize because I understand that your expertise is in American pottery and my teapot is made in England. However, I feel you may be my best attempt at finding some information.
I have been unable to match the backstamp on this piece. The closest I have come has the word "Quality" (possibly 1934-1954?) at the top rather than "Est 1884"...Does that detail make a huge difference in when the teapot was made? Any idea where I can find more information (how common are these, worth)?

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QUESTION: That's fine. Please enjoy your vacation!


Looks like the mark is from a teapot made in 1954 or later - English - which you know and from a well known master potter for the last 250 years.  I think the established 1884 is just a part of the stamp from the com-pany indicating its roots from 1884.  I found the exact mark - minus the 1884 - in a British porcelain marks book (The Encyclopedia of British Pottery and Porcelain Marks) and believe that slight variations of porcelain marks occur in most pottery from time to time and this is an example of that.  

These pieces are quite common as many were obviously made for many years in England.  I don't think the variation in the mark affects the value much if at all unfortunately.  The range I could find online for pieces similar to your ranged from $20 - $50 depending on style and condition.  Yours is a lovely style, so I would think the value would run at the higher end of that spectrum, assuming there are no chips, cracks, hairlines or repairs on the piece.

I hope that helps.  Most information I found, other than the mark, was just found by Googling Arthur Woods English Porcelain Teapots.  Good luck.

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