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Patt Clapper wrote at 2008-02-20 23:56:56
Jeanette Floragold compotes (comports) also appear in amber, crystal,and dark blue/green.  I have five different colors in my collection.  Patt

EAPG wrote at 2014-02-26 17:37:21
Re Louisa and your seeing a history of this lovely pattern at , I find no history, just a listing of pieces with prices and "A similar pattern made by Jeannette in the 1950s is called Floragold and is found in pitchers and tumblers." I have seen that Jeannette bought the Westmoreland Louisa molds and have never found proof, so if anyone has true documentation that happened, I'd like to see it.  What I'm looking for is an early edition of Florence's Depression Glass, maybe the 3rd book, where he shows a Louisa rose bowl and calls it Floragold, so if you have his books I'd appreciate that info.

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