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Carla Chilton wrote at 2007-12-28 07:56:39
You are mistaken in referring to Beryle and Burt Gilner as father and son. Beryle was born in 1917 and Burt was born in 1928. (Source: Social Security Master Death Index.)

It is true that in 1957 Chattel Mortgage records, on file at the Los Angeles County Archives, lists Beryle as President of Gilner Potteries, Inc., and Burt as Vice-President.

Dr_Dana wrote at 2008-01-22 16:49:22
Burt was born Burton Schlosberg.  His parents divorced and his mother married Beryle Gilner who adopted Burt.  So, Burt was technically his son.

I am Burt's daughter.  Unfortunately, he passed away in October 2007.

Gary wrote at 2008-12-07 13:56:07
In regards to this cookie jar... There appears to be three versions of this jar. On page 107 of Supnick's "Wonderful World of Cookie Jars" they show an unmarked version as being credited to California Originals. On page 127 they credit a marked version (G-405) to DeForest. Although identical in looks to the Gilner jar, the Gilner jar's top/lid includes all of the hair on the chest of the bear, whereas the other two jars' tops/lids end just above the shoulders. Other than that difference, the jars appear to be identical.  

Carla Chilton wrote at 2012-08-16 12:09:35
Gilner Potteries was only in business from 1948 - 1958. It wasn't a father and son  business. Beryl Gilner was the artist and creator of the business. This is per a phone conversation with Beryl shortly before he died in early 2000.

Gilner Potteries had a huge line of decorative household items non pixie related. You see them all on eBay. Some I have in the catalogs. I have more info if you want it.

Dr_Dana wrote at 2013-05-17 07:12:02
Burt indeed worked at Gilner potteries.  I was born in 1956 and my father's occupation was listed as "potter".  It was indeed a father/son business.

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