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Research Queen wrote at 2006-07-29 04:26:28
I was doing a bit of research on Kiel furniture and happened to find this question and also a photo and description of the same table in an ebay auction, so I thought I would copy the relevant info here:

One photo shows a label that identifies the table as a "Kiel Servex" and adds " the simplest and most efficient davenport extension on the market." The seller is asking a $400 opening bid, and describes the piece as follows:

"...a very odd and unusual looking walnut table made by the Kiel Furniture Co. of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  I believe it was made sometime between 1910 and 1925 (could be older).  When folded up, it is 52" long and 20" wide (very narrow and could be used as an entry or library table, etc.)  When it is 'unfolded', it is 52" long and 40" wide and makes a great dining table.  It stands 29" tall and has 2 drawers (one is felt lined for silver ware).  I consider it to be in very good condition (the top is in great condition) but not perfect.  It has some veneer off of the bottom rail..."

p.s. Kiel Furniture was in business under that name and logo from 1907 to 1932.

Bobbi wrote at 2008-11-11 00:36:59
I bought a similar table from the previous owner of my present home.He said he had paid $1000.00 from an antique store in Hendersonville, NC. (I did not pay that much). It is in beautiful shape.  However at the base, it has a pedestal with a shelf and no drawers are included.  I just realized that it did open with a leaf inside.  I have used it as a sofa table but after having it open, realize the potential for a beautiful dining table.

Joan wrote at 2010-08-10 02:12:49
I also have a Kiel Manufacturing table. Mine is an oak dining room table, round, and has room for a leaf or more,, but I don't have the leaves...

I bought mine at a yard sale next door,, for $25.00 and I'm refinishing the top at this time.  I love the table, the squared off pedestal and the square feet.  I would love to know more about Kiel, but was so happy to find the info you had here about the company.

lisa wrote at 2011-06-20 00:08:50
hi i just wanted to say i to have a kiel table that is from around 1930 or so and would love some info on it  thanks  

Nickie wrote at 2015-02-10 00:38:13
I have just purchased one of these tables for $150 from a warehouse sale to re-finish; was looking for information on the table and located all of these comments..but still no answers as to the approx. age.  

Tweety6! wrote at 2015-09-22 08:08:50

1892 - 1907 Kiel Manufacturing Company

1907 - 1935 Kiel Furniture Company

1935 - current A.A.Laun Furniture Company

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