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Just Curious wrote at 2007-12-22 17:11:12
I am curious about your comment that white furniture was the lower middle of the road furniture.

I brought my white furniture in the 1960.  It is solid oak,very heavy with simple lines. I have the bedroom suite and a dining room table.  

What makes the difference in a high end furniture versing a low end. At the time I paid about $2,000. I don't think I could replace the quality of this set for $2,000.


Just curious

Alfred Shaw wrote at 2008-01-09 23:56:39
I worked at White Furniture in the mid 80's and I can tell you that any firniture that White made before 1986 was outstanding furniture and very well made.  Their anniversary (100 year) piece was sold in the $4000.00 dollar range. It was a 3 drawer bow front chest.  If you have the a piece of the Whitehall group, you are very fortunate, do not sell it cheap.  In 1986, a bedroom suite could have wholesaled for $4000.00.  I know,I still have the prices that I worked with in 1986.

SusanMy wrote at 2008-05-27 21:32:08
I must also chime in to wonder why you would define White furniture as "low end." A few years ago, I was lucky enough to purchase two bedroom pieces dating to the late '40s from a local used furniture store for what I now feel was an extremely reasonable price, considering the quality of this furniture. Simple-yet-elegant lines, dovetail joints and very solid construction make these pieces special. I've also read several histories of White Furniture Co. Turns out they were a very progressive company in North Carolina that employed people of color when few places would. They supported and respected their workers and what they got in return were dedicated craftspeople proud to produce quality pieces. I love my White furniture and aim to find more.

julie wrote at 2008-06-28 15:20:57
Well its obvious that the "Appraiser" is CLUELESS! My mother owns a White Of Mebane bedroom set. It was purchased in 1986 from the Lorraine VI line for $4,860.It is well crafted and consists of twin headboards, armoire, dresser, tri-fold mirror, night stand, and bench. It is solid cherry wood with carvings. It was mine as a little girl and will be passed down to me, I look forward to owning such fine craftmanship and having it appraised.

Lora Riopel wrote at 2009-11-02 21:56:20
I understand that White Furniture Company of Mebane made furniture for the Panama Canal Company.  I do not know for how many years but I purchase a mahogany dresser and table while living in the Canal Zone in the 1970s that were made beautifully with stunning wood. I would like to learn more about them and other readers experience.

Gary wrote at 2011-03-17 11:01:16
The White of Mebane bedroom set that I boughr is 1982 is top quality, comparable to Virginia Galleries, (Hinkle Harris).

the centenial ( Limited Edition )Chest of drawers purchased in 1978 is now worth approx $8,000.00. I would say that the bedroom set would sell for $2000.00 or more.  

Lorene Colgan wrote at 2011-07-27 15:35:52
I have a similar situation.  I have inherited a bedroom suite that is about 30 years old and in excellent condition.  It consist of a chest, dresser w/ mirror, queen size bed frame and a night stand.  All pieces have the White Co. on the back w/ Butternut and lot 2700.  The quality of the furniture is outstanding compared to what you buy these days.  I would love to know what I can get for them.  

Lou Williams wrote at 2011-10-08 02:32:18
I have a solid mahagony  bed suite, dresser with mirror, chest of drawers, nightstand and adjustable bed either full or queen  made by the White Furniture Co around 1920. Paid $1110.00 for it about 6 years ago.

talon wrote at 2012-06-05 09:27:06
A Furniture Detective? I doubt this guy could detect a elephant in a phone booth. I paid close to $8,000 for a White bedroom suite in the mid 80's. Nothing low end about White Furniture that I have ever seen.  

carol w. wrote at 2012-09-18 06:52:41
i, too, do not understand why someone would classify white furniture as lower middle of the road.  my mom passed away recently (dad predeceased her).  she has a white bedroom set that she bought new in 1957 (55 years ago!) and it is in close to perfect condition.  this is very beautiful, well constructed furniture.  you'd never be able to find a set these days with drawers that are as easy to open and close as these are. they still have the original pulls on them.  i'm not sure what the wood's a medium color with dark specks in it and has some curvy designs on it.  set includes full size bed (w/footboard#, double dresser w/mirror, chest on chest #as they called them back in the day) and two night tables, which have a little 2-door enclosure and a small drawer.  i can't use it and i'm very anxious to sell it but it's a shame that very few people recognize this quality and are willing to pay for it.  i know this is an 'answer' section but, if possible, i'd like to know if anyone knows of anyone who would be interested in buying it.  i live in philadelphia, pa.  carol w.

Marge B wrote at 2012-10-10 21:34:02
I own a White of Mebane 100th anniversary chest, as well as a mahogany bedroom set that was purchased in 1986 for approximately $7,000. (The bedroom set includes a queen pencil post bed, two bachelor's chests/nightstands and a chest on chest.) I am personally aware of an anniversary chest that just sold for more than $13,000! Like so many other posters I felt the need to chime in as to the credibility of the "expert" who identified White furniture as "low end". This person is clearly unfamiliar with the finest of mid to late twentieth century furniture manufacturers, which includes the likes of Kindel, Kittinger, Karges, Baker...and White, among others. I agree wholeheartedly with the assessment that if you own pre-1986 White of Mebane furniture, you own something very special. If you are fortunate enough to own one of the 1,000 anniversary chests they produced, you own something of not only uniquely fine American furniture craftsmanship that is likely unobtainable today, but also something of great (and apparently ever increasing) value!

bentonhenry wrote at 2012-11-07 14:40:19
While i think White made some really nice furniture i am a find some of the numbers on value a little hard to believe.  I have searched around the internet and haven't seen the kind of prices these post are showing.  I saw one of these 100th anniversary chest at an auction site that showed it selling for 2000.00 dollars - can't confirm that sell but it did show a picture of one of the chest and the limited edition medal inside and a 1981 date. Just curious where/what the sources are for the values posted.

bentonhenry wrote at 2012-11-07 17:14:07
I am not sure what would define furniture as lower middle of the road or high end.  I think a definition of how furniture gets classified would be helpful or at least how this reviewer came up with that classification.  Often times i think it is more about marketing than actual classification.  I occasionally shoot furniture as a commercial photographer and have shots of the white 100th anniversary chest - i actually i have two of them ( long story ) -  I usually shoot low end pieces and can tell you there is quite a bit of difference. Having said that I am not sure i believe the prices being posted on this forum.  If interested i would be glad to post some photographs (don't think that is possible here) of the 100th anniversary chest.  And if you know someone paying +13k for one contact me and i can send one out - or maybe a package deal for two:) Just in time for Christmas!

Meredith wrote at 2012-11-08 23:18:34
Responding to carol offer I'll be very much interested in purchasing that furniture...I'll send u an email....

Christenberry wrote at 2012-12-29 21:54:32
I just purchased a white mebane chest of drawers today in South Carolina. I would love to know what it is worth....... I am willing to send a picture to anyone that might know!  

Jenny wrote at 2013-01-07 02:01:01
Last year I purchased two nightstands, dresser with double mirrors, and a chest of drawer with White Furniture Company, "Butternut stamped on the back and in the drawers. I bought these pieces from a second hand store and paid $250 total. At the time I did not recognize the significance of the pieces. However, when I saw them I was immediately impressed with the quality of the pieces. The pieces that I purchased were in excellent condition. There is one knob missing on one of the nightstands. I would love to purchase that knob, as well as be able to purchase the bed (preferably king size, but would settle for the queen).

JimG wrote at 2013-01-16 00:56:08
White furniture is exquisite.  I paid $8,000 back in '87 for a dining room set and will never part with it.  I have been looking for an armoire and found one that is only being sold as a package from an estate that includes a King bed with elaborate carved large lighted headboard, a 9 drawer bombay curved style dresser and matching tri-fold mirror & Two 3 drawer bombay style nightstands. Post if you know anyone who might be interested in everything but the armoire.

Robert L Moore wrote at 2013-01-20 06:28:42
My wife and I are considering buying a dresser marked "White Fine Furniture." I do not see any other markings. I would love to send a photo to anyone who could help us determine the approximate worth before we purchase it.

LizzyE wrote at 2013-01-31 21:12:09
For those interested in seeing photographs of the White Furniture Company 100th anniversary chest.  There is one on ebay currently offered for sale. Wow it is beautiful ! its even finished on the back!

Joe wrote at 2013-03-02 19:05:44
My mother who own nothing bu antique expensive furniture and vases gave me a Armoire that is very beuatiful made and stamped with White fine furniture stamped.  I wish one could post pics, but its glass with lighting inside and made of very high quality wood.  My wife wants to get rid of it to make our dining room a play room since we do not use our dining room much and eat in our kitchen.  Plus we have white carpet.  I was thinking of selling it on Craigslist for about 500.  I like it and now I after reading do not want to apart from it.  But have to make her happy.  Anyone in Dallas wanting a China cabinet made in America post.  

White Mebane wrote at 2013-03-08 06:20:58
I have a very very rare set of 3 White Mebane furnitures for sale, I have the original recipe !!! Recipe date is 1985 and was cost $7500 I wendering to sell this very good furnitures and has hight hand relief Chinese figures, any question or pictures at thanks

Katie wrote at 2013-04-29 03:20:40
Can anyone tell me what the following is worth?

"White Furniture Co"

300-7 Chest

Lot No 166

"White Furniture Co"

300-10 NT

Lot No 575

"White Furniture Co"

300-66 Mirror Artisan

"White Furniture Co"

300-5 Dresser

Lot No 172

1 of each piece. I have no other information but these pieces are just GORGEOUS!!!  

John wrote at 2014-01-29 20:55:56
I have a beautiful White Company 8 piece dinning room set that was delivered new in about 1975.  I can no longer use this set in my new home, and I would love to find a good home for this fine furniture. Anyone in South Florida who is interested can contact me at

scott wrote at 2014-02-23 07:25:08
we have a White furniture dining room set.  includes dining room table (w/inserts and pads) with 6 chairs, breakfront and breakfront sideboard.  It was my moms and I think from late 60's early 70's.  Looking to sell.

Sweetlucy wrote at 2014-03-28 02:09:30
I also have a White bedroom set from 1948, when it was purchased by my parents after they were married. The set looks as new as it did when purchased, minus a few scratches that I did when I was young. These are very well made solid pieces that I wish my set was. I'm sorry to have to sell them, since my parents are gone now. Don't ever let anyone tell you something, just because they think they are experts.

Lora wrote at 2014-07-15 16:31:12
If this so-called "expert" calls White Furniture middle to low end, then he has never seen White Furniture made in Mebane, North Carolina.  It is HIGH END furniture and many pieces can be found in exclusive B&B's and fine historical homes across the country, including The Grove Park Inn in Asheville, North Carolina.  I inherited my 6-piece Butternut Pecan bedroom set from my grandparents, who purchased their furniture from The White Furniture Company in the 1960's for around $10,000.  Please tell me how that is low end.

jerry wrote at 2014-08-15 13:08:28
We have a double pedestal mahogany White dining room table with inlay and it goes great with the Baker chairs.It is one of the most stunning tables ever-low end my foot!!

Savyshopper wrote at 2015-01-10 14:01:32
I am interested in a white of mebane dining room table. Style lorraine oval shape.  If you have one for sale please let me know.    Barbara. 215-880-7145

scott wrote at 2015-02-25 17:00:22
White Furniture Company.  Oval Dining room table with 6 chairs, Breakfront, glass doors and Credenza.  Late 60's?  It was my mom's and is very nice but not really our style.  Its simple, sort of chestnut brown, elegant, simple lines and in good shape for being just about 50 years old.

JimC wrote at 2015-03-05 10:36:30
White of Mebane was Known as the Premier Furniture Manufacturer of the South. The company took pride in workmanship,used quality woods and as a Premier Manufacturer of Superior Furniture Products, it made timeless pieces which were costly due to the fine craftsmanship. My mother bought a White of Mebane Dining Room Set in American Empire Style. It was an impressive set with a large Oval Table, Ogee edge with inlays of Burled Pecan, Reeded columns for the legs which connected to a large footed base that was like an x at the base where the openings were curved like a U. Very heavy set. The Chairs were caned backs,with a style that looked like French Provincial with carved leaves and a large center scrolled shell at the top of each chair. The Server had French inspired doors with carved leaves on one corner of the upper part of the doors and the Server had two column legs,brass ornate 3 dimensional knobs in a flower design, with a frieze on the draw that looked like reeds or grooves on columns separated by carved rosettes. The set looked like a True Antique. My mother would only buy quality items and she knew what was the best. In 1978 when,purchased this dining room set sold for $25,000.00 for the complete set, China closet was another $5,000.00, so, $30k TOTAL. Rapids Furniture was one of the Finest Furniture stores who sold the set. Prices on Antiques (Anything over 25 years of age)has gone up on some items considerably, especially, with things that are rare. Prices from 1978 have increased 5 times, so reasonable the value of such items should appreciate in the same range. That means a set such as this should be valued at $120,000.00. Of, course, some people will try to argue with that, but, when, items are limited and are superior, it is a sellers market.    I would say anyone who is paying mere thousands for these pieces of furniture are getting a bargain basement price, as many people, do not know actual values of some of the finer things out there. I laugh at some of these people who claim to be experts, alleging that this company did not sell quality items. It is true, the highest quality and expensive pieces this company once sold, were not made towards the end, because of rising costs in wood and labor costs, and the company tried to hang on, even taking on sub contracts for other companies towards the end, but, when, tastes and clientelle are not buying or business is lacking, any quality company can fail, unless they find a way to offset any challenges. The person who alleged, the company did not make quality items, may have been referring to lesser quality items the company produced towards it's final years of operation. When, my mother bought this set, the finish was what I would compare to a dark fruitwood color with a mirror finish. The table that was delivered was slightly lighter and my mother as a Perfectionist or a Alpha Personality, immediately demanded a new table. The company delivered a new table after it had rained, so the movers tracked mud from the street into the front foyer and wanted to walk into the dining room to retrieve the first table before bringing in the replacement. My mother saw "RED" because she had a creme white and jade green oriental rug under it and all I can imagine is that, she  recognized that mud on the rug would have most likely destroyed the white wool rug, so, being agitated by this fact, my 5 ft 4 inch frail mother told the men to wait where they were, and my mother literally picked up a table that needed 3 strong men to move by herself! They looked at her like they could not believe their eyes! I can attest the majority of White of Mebane is outstanding and I would buy most pieces anytime I could, but, this furniture is not easy to find.

jeff wrote at 2015-05-20 01:52:30
I have White Furniture Company dressers and night stands from the 50s that I need to sell due to my stomach cancer if anyone is interested. I inherited the pieces from my great aunt.

LM+MC wrote at 2015-08-05 16:31:33
Large and beautiful White Furniture Company dressers and desk. If interested please advise. Moving long distance and must sell.

CA wrote at 2015-08-11 05:07:50

I am highly interested in the pieces you have.  I have been searching for nightstands to match a dresser and armoir that I have.  

JD wrote at 2015-10-05 22:25:14
I recently inherited an oval dining room table and matching hutch made by White Fine Furniture. Unfortunately I don't have space for it in my home. The table is inlaid comes with three leaves and a table cover. If anyone is interested please contact me at Table is currently located in Colorado.  

DaveP wrote at 2015-11-17 04:58:11
I also have a White Furniture Co full bedroom set (bed, drersser, dressing table and two bed end tables - probably late 50's or early 60's) that I was about to give away for maybe $300-400, but after reading this I better research a little harder and maybe pay for a proper appraisal.  

I can't quite read the tag but most pieces are marked "1570 SAT" and some number, like dresser is "1570 SAT 681".

ANy guesses on value for the 5 piece set?

Morton wrote at 2015-12-19 18:23:01
I have a Whites Lorraine V  bedroom set: king size carved headboard, king size mattress box wood frame, two oversize night tables with 3 drawers each, two large armoires, a nine foot long credenza cabinet with 12 drawers and two large mirrors, a separate sitting cabinet for my wife cosmetics with mirror and a small chair, and a medium size pedestal round table 34" tall used for a flat screen tv, a dvd and cable box; all furniture in absolutely perfect condition. want to sell this to offset medical expenses.  Bought in 1979 at Payne Furniture in Boston with a cost then of $ 28,000

bray wrote at 2016-01-13 03:49:23
I have a 1896 to 1899 display case that measures 118long 45high 36 wide that was used in a NC history museum. It is a White-Rickle piece does anyone have a clue on value. It is made of oak upgraded at some point with Plexiglas.  

LHP wrote at 2016-05-21 19:15:16
I have for sale a beautiful China cabinet made by White Furniture Company. It is a two-piece top bottom set in good condition and working light. I live in Philadelphia, PA. Please contact me if interested.  

Joe P wrote at 2016-05-25 04:06:19
Hi, I have a 100th anniversary white furniture company chest can anyone tell me what it is worth or where I can get it appraised and sold need it gone. Thanks

Marg wrote at 2016-07-18 18:51:50
I was planning on selling my parents' bedroom set. It is also White of Mebane, solid cherrywood I think. I found the set online painted antique white.

Sharon wrote at 2016-09-16 00:00:47
I Also own a white bedroom set. King headboard with posts, dresser, amoire, mirror, and two night stands bought in early 1982. Excellent condition, very solid and paid in the thousands for the set then. Wanting to sell but unsure of value today.  

Cindy wrote at 2016-10-15 21:21:38
Joe P, If you are still interested in selling your anniversary piece, please let me know. My dad was White Furniture plant manager pre-1986.

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