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Vintage Victor VVC-120 needs a key3/7/2016
  Q: I just got my hands on a really awesome gumball machine, but it sadly lacks a key. I was hoping ...
  A: That's a nice machine you have. The lock on top unscrews, and once off the rest of the machine ...
dual candy machine "V"8/11/2015
  Q: I purchased an old dual candy dispenser machine at a yard sale and cannot find a key to open it. I ...
  A: Dawn, Thank you for your question. By your description it sounds like you have purchased modern ...
opening a mills penny gum dispenser6/23/2015
  Q: I have a 1930's Mills stainless steel penny gum dispenser.They usually dispensed chiclets and adams ...
  A: and thank you for your question. I have seen many Mills machines that have had the rivets drilled ...
norhwestren coin mach6/7/2015
  Q: just got 2 in a garage sale,i only seen it before on acorn machines thankes
  A: and thank you for your question. Northwestern made several different models with a penny-nickel ...
Oak vending machines5/20/2015
  Q: How does one tell what model an Oak vending machine is such as Acorn, 300,450 etc.?
  A: Leo, Thank you for your question. Oak Mfg. Co. made many different machines over several decades, so ...
Wooden gumball machine4/8/2015
  Q: I have a 5" wooden gumball machine twith a wagon wheel and used to be in a Frank Veteres pizzeria ...
  A: You mention that the machine is 5 inches, which seems pretty small. Did you possibly mean 15 inches? ...
mouthy marvin2/12/2015
  Q: I am having a check of a time assembling the coin mechanism and figuring out where the voice box ...
  A: It has been about 15 years since I've had a Mouthy Marvin, so I don't have first-hand knowledge to ...

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I can answer questions about vintage coin operated gum, gumball, candy and peanut vending machines. I do not have information about other areas of coin-op such as pinball, arcade, or slot machines. My specialty is exclusively in vending machines, which means I have a more detailed focus and a more extensive knowledge than others in this area.


I am an expert in the field of antique and vintage coin operated gum, gumball, candy and peanut vending machines. I have been a very active collector of vintage vending machines for over 20 years and currently have several hundred machines in my collection.

C.O.C.A. (Coin Op Collectors Association)

In my 20-plus years of collecting vintage vending machines I have acquired a tremendous amount of knowledge in the field. In addition to the numerous brands and models of machines, I am also knowledgeable about many details and nuances that may be overlooked by a more casual collector.

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