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I found a couple insulators when going through my mothers things. I was wondering if you could give me some information on them and maybe a value. One says Hemingway 42 and another says w. brookfield new york

Hi Melissa --

Your Hemingray-42 is a telephone style that was a standard for many years starting in the 1920's and continuing into the 1940's when it was replaced by the Hemingray-45 style.  This insulator was initially made in blue and aqua shades and later in clear glass.  Both are quite common with a $1.00 trade value for collectors. Hemingray was based out of Muncie, IN and was the most prolific maker of glass insulators in the US and were in business for nearly 100 years from 1867 through 1967. Insulator collectors have developed a numbering system for the various styles called the consolidated design or CD numbering system.

I won't be able to identify your Brookfield insulator without a picture as there are many styles that share the same markings.  Brookfield made insulators from the early 1860's through 1922 and were based out of Old Bridge, NJ.  If you can attach a picture I can identify the style and value.  Here is a link to more information on the CD numbering system:

         Hope this helps,  Thanks -- Bob  

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