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Hello.  I wondered if you could help me identify the age of a flag I obtained from an Estate.  I have attached pictures and am not sure if it is a flag or banner.  It looks to be made of silk and has the GAR symbols with 13 stars on the flag.  It's about 4 ft high and is from Post 82 Roaring Spring.   Any information you can give me regarding background and possible value would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Michelle,
The G.A.R. was, of course, a fraternal organization made up of Union Veterans of the Civil War and was formalized about 1880 and was most active from that time until the close of WWI. So I would say your "banner" was from the late 1800s, early 1900's. There has been a steady growth and interest in  G.A.R. items. I would say your banner would be in the $60.00-$75.00 value range.
Thanks for your question. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!
Sincerely, Bill

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