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Breast Star Order
Breast Star Order  

I have 2 old medals, the first one is chest star order with big crown in the middle and the second one big cross with crown on the top.

For over a month searching to find out any helpful info about the two medals but unfortunately NO luck.

Could you tell me anything about them or advise me

Please see the attached picture


Hi Khaled!

Sorry mate, I've been away and have only just seen your question. Go to this site -

I am unfamiliar with the badge in your photo, but if you post the photo, and any others you have of this one and the other that you mentioned, and ask for help, the guys there will be happy to help you, I'm sure! The site has many experts who will be only too happy to give you friendly advice. Let me know how you go :)

Hello from sunny Sydney

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I am a collector of German WHW donation badges etc from around 1925-1945, and German day and meeting badges, better known as 'tinnies', from around 1930-1945. The WHW (Winterhilfswerkes, or Winter Charity Works) was the major source of fund raising throughout Germany from 1930-1945, and covered almost every association in exhistence throughout Germany and her foreign territories. There are more than 12,500 identified tinnies, and almost as many WHW items. I can help with authenticating, dating and evaluating these items. I can help with some aspects of German awards and decorations, although this is not my main strength in collecting German militaria.


Long time collector, I also buy and sell in this field, and have all relevant reference books covering WHW and tinnies.

High school, then various tertiary education.

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