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Hi Bob,
I have a aqua colored insulator with only a star as the
Signature. Do you have any information on which glass
Company used only a star for their signature?

Hi Cristin,

The star marked insulators were actually made by a number of glass companies.  The current understanding among collectors is that the star marking was for insulators made by various companies for the General Electric company.  There are quite a few styles that are marked with a 5 point star so I would need a picture of yours to confirm the style.  Both Brookfield Glass Company of Old Bridge, NJ and the Elmer Glass Works, of Elmer, NJ are both belived to have made insulators for GE marked with the star.  Elmer made a lot of very nice green colored glass which is popular with collectors.  Brookfield is more common in a light aqua glass.

         Hope this helps!  Thanks, -Bob

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