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I found this in the back of a van at a salvage yard looking for car parts and it looked like something of value. It has PP inc. stamped on it and the date 1958. the farthest one has Chance co. with the date 1961 on it and 15000 lbs stamped on the metal on the chain. Took me a while to identify this piece online and i am wondering what this one was used for and how much it could be worth before i go back and but it. Thanks!

Hi Stuart --

What you have found is a string of suspension insulators.  These are used on the high tension towers you see that carry high voltages over a distance.  Each insulator is typically rated at 15,000V and when strung together typically insulate in the 128,000V-500,000V range.  PP stands for Porcelain Products Company and they were manufactured in 1958.  Chance is for the A,B. Chance Company with a 1961 date.  These are collectable, but relatively common.  Figure $5-$8 per section.  Here is a link to a little more information on these:

         Hope this helps, Thanks, --Bob

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