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We have a depression glass green Knights of Labor match safe.
It does have a chip on the tip, but I have not the slightest clue in value, I have been searching forever,any info would really help.
Thank you.

Hi Dan,

Although my expertise is insulators, as you note, this item is a Hemingray product.  Here is a nice page with some more information on these as there was even an 1887 patent for the design:

I am not an expert on these for value.  I have seen an amber version sell in the $75 range but I really don't know the market.  You may want to contact Shaun Kotlarsky who manages the website I provided a link for.  Another good contact is Bob Stahr who is one of the premier experts in anything Hemingray - His web site:

I hope this helps!!  Thanks, --Bob

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