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large insulator  

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large insulator 2  

I found this insulator in my fathers basement, he worked for the power company for 33 years.  I'm having a hard time finding any information on it online.  can you lend a hand?

Hi Justin --

This is a high voltage suspension style insulator.  These have been imported from France and probably date from the 1960's.  Initially they were made by a company called Sediver which later sold out to a glass company out of Brazil.  They link together in a string to provide very high voltage insulation (about 15,000V per section) -- frequently used on high tension towers of 115,000-230,000 Volts.  These are collectible and typically trade in the $8-$15 range for a section. Here is a link to more information on this type of insulator:

The bell style you have is not pictured in the link, but they were used in areas with fog or air pollution to provide additional protection.  Here is a link with some like you have in use:

         Hope this helps!!  Thanks, --Bob

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