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Hi, I've done a little research on what I may have here, it looks to be a hemingray no 9 made sometime between 1912-1917. The no 9 is in the back, while hemingray is in the front by itself. I haven't been able to put an exact label on it and was wondering if you could help. ( teal/aqua colored). The hemingray is spaced unevenly (he ming ray) and I was wondering if this is common? I'm just not sure if this one is anything special. Thanks for your time

We identify this as a CD 106 "pony" style.  You have the dates in the right period -- this is after they dropped the drip point Patent May 2, 1893 mark after the patent expired in 1910.  The marking on yours is rather crude, but that is not unusual for these.  They made a large number of molds as this was a high volume item and the molds were reworked a number of times.  These are vary collectible but pretty common -- they make a great specialty collection due to all the embossing and color variations.  

         hope this helps!!  Thanks, --Bob

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