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Hi Bill, I have a bracelet with 5 old English coins: 1941 Three Pence, 1943 Farthing, 1889 Queen Victoria coin with a 3 on it, 1912 Farthing and a 1933 Three Pence.  It looks like it could use a good polishing.  What is this bracelet?  Thank you!

Hi Deb,
Thanks for the question and pictures.
Well it looks like you have a coin bracelet made with British coins.
Most of the coin bracelets associated with the Wars were made with coins all with dates close to that of the war, i.e. WWI 1914-1918 coins; WWII 1940-1944 coins. Yours seems to be somewhat different like someone took random coins and made a bracelet out of them. The only possibility is that the latest coins were from the WWII era, making it a sweetheart piece from that era. Hope this is of some help to you.
Sincerely, Bill

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