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Bob - I have a Whitall Tatum insulator I'd like to know about.  The name is arched and has "No 2" underneath. On the opposite side of the skirt it says, in arched letters, "Made in USA"; beneath that is "5-44", below which are: an "A" in a circle with a large raised dot to the left of the circle and two symbols (plus signs?) below the circle.  What was this used for and what's it worth?  BTW, it's clear with a smooth skirt bottom that tapers up and in.

Hi Mike --

Your insulator is a telephone style made by the Armstrong Cork Company in Millville, NJ.  Armstrong bought out the Whitall Tatum Company and started adding the A in a circle to the markings.  These were made in the 1940's.  Insulator collectors have developed a numbering system for the various styles called the CD or Consolidated Design numbering system.  Here is a link to more on this system:

These are pretty common with a $1.00 collector value or so -- still a great piece of history.

         Thanks, --Bob

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