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i have come across three porcelin insulators that i can not identify..#1 has no markings, brown glaze, stands between 3-4 in tall(i dont have a ruler) #2 has inprint of state of illinois, 119 inside state outline and 29 right outside state outline. it has brown glaze and stands about 5 in tall. #3 has a B in a circle (Brookfield i believe). That is only marking. It has almost a greenish brown glaze. Stands about 4 in tall. Any info you can give would be appreciated.....(i can only attatch two inages so i will send another question about #3 with info and images.

Thanks for your question,

Your first insulator is pretty common but the maker is not known as they are all unmarked.  It is a telephone style probably from the 1930s.  Collector value of $1.00 or so.

Your second insulator is also a telephone style but was made by the Illinois Porcelain Company.  This is from the 1920s - figure a $1-$2 value.

Your third insulator is another beehive style made by Ohio Brass of Mansfield, OH.  Their logo is a B inside of an O.  Also from the 1920's and pretty common.

Although common, these are still great pieces of history and are around 90 years old!

         Hope this helps,  Thanks, --Bob

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