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closeup of star marking
closeup of star markin  
can you help me narrow down who might have produced this specific insulator? it has a raised upsidown five point star on skirt. i know that several companies produced the 5 point star for GE. the insulator has lots of swirls and the marking is somewhat distorted by one of these swirls. my camera is not the best but this is the best shot i could get. any info would be appreciated. maker, date, value...anything. as always, i value your imput. thanks for your time.

You are correct that the star is the General Electric logo and was used by a number of makers.  From the color shown in your picture and the fact that it is a CD 145 beehive style I would first suspect this as a Brookfield product, but there are a couple other clues you can check.  Another known maker of star marked insulators was Elmer glass - one of the clues to insulators made by them is a ring in the top of the pinhole (Known as the Elmer ring).  As long as yours does not have this feature I feel pretty strongly that it is a Brookfield product.  Aqua star beehives are pretty common and data from around the turn of the century.  These usually have about a $1.00-$2.00 value in aqua.  A nice green version would be more like $8-$15.  Although I cannot be sure of the maker - Brookfield is my best guess unless it has the ring.

         Thanks, --Bob

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