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QUESTION: I have a Hemingray-16 green glass insulator, and it appears to be cd 121  or 122.  It has a single wire groove, single petticoat, with smooth drip caps.  The front says "HEMINCRAY-16" (note the G is missing the bar) and back says "MADE IN U.S.A."  I can't seem to find any information on an emboss error like this for this type of insulator.  Please help!
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ANSWER: Thanks for your question.

I suspect you have a CD 122 which was the updated design that replaced the 121.  Most Hemingray CD 121's have sharp drip points. Here is a link to help define the difference:

As for the error with the "C" instead of a "G" I do not see that listed in the insulator guide.  There are a number of embossing errors listed but I don't see yours.  The insulator without an error is typically a $0.50 to $1.00 but the error versions are more like $10-$15.  If you send a picture of the marking I could confirm.


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HemingCray 16
HemingCray 16  
Here is a pic of the insulator...any chance that it's a new error and the value might be above $10-$15??  I can't find any others like it on the internet...
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If it were truly a new error embossing with a clear "C" instead of a "G" it might have more value as there are Hemingray specialists that go after all the known line numbers.  However, looking at the picture, the letter is not a "C" but a G with no horizontal line but it still has a short vertical line which I have seen on a few others.  So it is different from the typical Hemingray Embossing, but I don't think it qualifies as an "error" -- it would be more of a variant.  Still potentially of interest to a specialist, but not sufficient to get a different listing in the book.  There are collectors that chase the various mold variations and this one might be different enough to strike their interest -- my guess would be only a small premium (maybe $5).

         Hope this helps, Thanks, -Bob

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