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I purchased this at a flea market this weekend and tried to do some research on line about it.  As I read I found out that some read A.M. TEL. & TEL. COM. or they will have no dots at all.
Mine reads A.M. TEL & TEL. COM. no "." after the first "TEL"  Thanks for your help.
Pictures are attached.

Hi and thanks for your question,

These CD 121 Am. Tel. & Tel. Co. styles were made by a number of different glass works as well as in large volume.  A.T.& T.Co. was trying to standardize insulator designs so they could get consistent results from different glass works. There are a huge number of variations in punctuation with periods and no periods.  The price guide does not cover all the variations.  A collector could have a lot of fun trying to locate all the different markings and mold variations in these.  I suspect yours is a Brookfield product.  I don't think the various differences in periods makes a value difference, but clearly it designates a different mold.  

         Hope this helps,   Thanks, --Bob

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