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QUESTION: I have an odd insulator! It is a clear Hemingray 14 with a wire around it and the iron saddle with threaded end attached to it. It sits on a wood insulator pol that is attached to an iron brace with a u-bolt underneath and that part has a ceramic insulator in it. I was wondering what this would be worth? I've never seen anything like this. I can send you a picture if that would help. Thanks, Edie

ANSWER: It sounds possibly like a street light hanger.  Please send a picture and I should be able to identify it and some thoughts on value.

         Thanks, -Bob

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insulators from side
insulators from side  

insulators from front
insulators from front  
QUESTION: The glass one looks like a CD 160, but there's an o under Hemingray and we can't find it in our book. The ceramic one is embossed with: Thomas 22.

1910 Western Electric Catalog
1910 Western Electric  
This helps!!  Your item is a Holmes tree insulator -- they were designed to allow telephone or power lines to be mounted to trees when necessary.  The swivel top allows movement.  These are very collectible with around a $40-$45 value.  I've attached an old catalog page showing this item.  The catalog is from 1910 and that is about where these date to.  Oddly the clear Hemingray-14 dates from the late 1940s so may have been utilized later or just a very late use of the design.  Still an awesome piece!

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