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Hi, I have always wondered about these 2 glass insulators I have. One is a Hemingray - 42 (with a 0 under the "N" in Hemingray, it also has Made In USA on the other side, and also has "bumps" on the bottom of it! The other one is a Whitall Tatum Co. (With a upside down triangle and WT inside it), and the other side has No1.Made In U.S.A (with the number 4 above the "E" in MADE. Can you let me know the age of these and what they are worth? Please. Thanks, and I really appreciate what you do!;)

Hi Jeffrey,

Both of your insulators are the same style.  Insulator collectors have developed a numbering system for the various styles - the consolidated design or CD numbering system.  These are both CD 154 and were a standard telephone style used from the late 1920s until the later 1940s.  Your first insulator was made by the Whitall Tatum company of Millville, NJ. from the late 1920s.  The second insulator was made by the Hemingray Glass Company of Muncie, IN and dates from the mid to later 1930s.  Both are pretty common with a $1.00 or so value -- still great pieces of communication history.

         Hope this helps!!  Thanks, --Bob

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