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Name W. Tiberg
Name W. Tiberg  

The othe name S.B.
The othe name S.B.  
Hello,The artist is from Stockholm. I have this old oil painting by Wiktor Tiberg sign. I am wondering about this painting. I know the Salvation Army gets painting given to then , I want to know do they paint over the old painting canvas ? because the painting by Tiberg is sign in front but the back in two letters S.B. on canvas frame and all so it look like there another painting under it. Thank you for your time.

Wiktor Tiberg created several works of art related to the Salvation Army, including several portraits of senior officers. He was himself a Salvation Army Soldier and a fine musician. It is not unusual to find that canvases have been 'painted over'. If you would be kind enough to upload a picture of the whole canvas I will be pleased to try and help further.

Don't know if this is in your language but there is some information here.


Collectibles--General (Modern)

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