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I have a brown, I think ceramic, Insulator. At least I believe it is an insulator. It is marked on 1 end... Peirce on the top of the end, and the bottom of the same end has the numbers 1-613. I have searched and searched on internet, can't find it. I believe it is ceramic not porcelain, but it is very heavy, so I might be wrong. When turned on it's side, it has 6 distinct ridges, or lips. The first one is smaller, than larger, than the largest of the 3, then a very large area or space, and then the same 3 sizes, to make the 6 ridges. The area that separates the 3/3, is an area that is almost like a place for rope or wire to be wrapped around it. I am probably making this very confusing. I am attempting to find out what this is worth, and if it is an insulator? Thanks, Julie in Oregon

I suspect you have a large spool style insulator.  These were mounted on a metal rack with a pin through the center.  The heavy cable would tie off to the center (large) groove.  See the link below for some examples (I suspect yours is the third group down) --

These are collectible and can be found in a number of colors.  Brown is the most common followed by a light gray glaze.  They are pretty common -- figure a $2 value on brown, $3 on gray.  Blues are better at $15.

         Hope this helps!  Thanks, --Bob

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