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Hi Bob, and thank you for your help & expertise...

I purchased 3 Thomas insulators at a recent estate sale, and was wondering if you could tell me a little more about them (i.e. where they were made, possible age, and perhaps what they might be worth).  There are some small chips on two of them, and a few white spots that appear to be in the glazed finish.  They are also a strange mixture of colors... appearing dark blue in some places, to dark or light brown in others.  I have attached some photos, if that helps too.

Thanks Bob!

Hi Bill,

We call the style of insulators you found a signal insulator.  These were frequently used on the power lines to drive railway signals and other lower voltage applications.  These were also extensively used for rural power delivery.  I would date your items from the late 1920s into the early 1930s.  R. Thomas & Sons was based out of East Liverpool, OH and made insulators from the late 1890s through the late 1950s.  These are collectible, but pretty common, with about a $1.00 value each.  Still these are great pieces of history!

         Hope this helps -- Thanks, --Bob

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