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I was going through some collectibles and found what I believe is a large brown insulator.  It has G.E.CO. U.S.A. CAT. NO (actual # is hard to read) on the side.  On the bottom rim it has PAT. AUG. 11, 1903 JAN. 16, 1912 on one side; 30 AMP 2500 VOLTS on the other bottom rim. It is approximately 5 1/2 inches tall and 5 inches wide.  

Thanks in advance for your time!

I suspect what you have is a porcelain cut-out.  These typically have two mounting holes and have a handle in the base that when removed acts like a switch and opens the circuit.  These often are found with the handle missing -- if so, there should be a cavity where the handle went with two metal contacts for the switch.  Complete and in good condition, these are collectible with a $20-$25 value.  If the handle is missing but the remainder is complete figure $10-$15.

Here is a picture of one missing the handle:

Here is a complete unit mounted to a pole:

         Hope this helps - let me know if this is not what you have.

         Thanks, --Bob

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