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4 pewter thimbles
4 pewter thimbles  
I have four pewter thimbles (well, I have dozens of pewter thimbles) that I can't identify. At the height of my collecting I just bought thimbles indiscriminately (if I didn't have it, I bought it) so many or most of my thimbles are things I don't even know anything about.

These four thimbles are all marked the same way on bottom, with R.R. a copyright symbol and then the word PEWTER.

One thimble is clearly a flower with "Mom's Thimble" on the back.

The other three are more puzzling. The easiest one is a horseshoe with a THREE leaf clover.

The next easiest is a cross (a Christian cross)and then at the top of the cross is a line with two small bumps and one larger one on top of that, which is part of a some kind of garland, possibly a rosary.

The hardest one, and I have looked all over the internet and in print books just to find some info about the sculpture on it. It appears to be a naked man (or after looking at some Greek sculptures, maybe a God?), extending his right arm out to touch the back of a person who is kneeling. Also the man who is standing has lifted his left leg like he is marching or maybe is resting his foot on an imaginary block. But the person who is kneeling is much smaller than the standing man. His head actually touches the naked man's hip and his hands touch the naked man's knees. Then, a little more to the left is a symbol that kind of looks like a capital I but more square. So I think maybe this is a man praying to a God, but still no luck even locating a sculpture or painting or anything that looks close.

So any help at all would be appreciated. I can't find any thimbles like this at all on ebay, pinterest, etsy or the internet.

Thank you

Hello Jamie,

Thank you for your questions.  This thimbles look like a Rawcliffe pewter thimble.  Rawcliffe has been making pewter items for many years and are located in New Providence, RI.  I am sorry I cannot help you with the age.  Most thimbles, unless they have a patent date, cannot be dated.  Some have dates on them such a birthdays or anniversaries however that still does not date the item as people can have the thimbles marked many years after they were manufactured.  I am sorry I cannot be of more help to you.  I do hope this helps.


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