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Hi, Bob.  I have a C.P.R. cd 143 insulator with STANDARD on one side and CPR on the other.  It seems that the C.P.R. were redone because the C has a tail on the bottom and the P has a slight shadow of an R. The R is ridged along the top and the slanted line of the R doesn't go all the way down.  The letters feel rough, except for the top of the C and P which are smooth. The glass between and under the letters is not smooth and seems to have been etched out (looks like fine scratch lines).  There is approximately an inch long chip on the bottom and a tiny chip along the wire rim both on the STANDARD side.  I am wanting to sell it and not sure of the value of this with it's "character".  Thanks so much for your time. Lynn

Thanks for your question.  These were commonly used in Canada and there is quite a variety in the markings.  CPR (Canadian Pacific Railway) is probably the most common marking with CNR being the next.  Many of these are quite crude and the molds were likely reworked over time - this does not add significant value.  In good condition this would trade in the $5-$8 range - with a flat base chip it would probably be more in the $2 range.  Still a great piece of communication history!  Hope this helps.

         Thanks, -Bob

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