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I bought a house that the owner worked on power lines.In a old pump house on my property stuffed in the top I found over 100 of these Armstrong insulators DP1 and T.S. The DP1 also say 67 61 with looks like 6 dots after the 61.The T.S. has 66 64 with looks like 5 dots.Also have several brown porcelain insulators that have a PP 502 on them.And several more round porcelain in 2 different sizes.The glass DP1 are clear to smoke in color.I am looking for more info on what I have and may be interested in putting them up for sale.Thanks for your time.

Thanks for your question.  Here is what I can tell you about the pieces you found.  Your Armstrong DP1 insulators were a standard telephone style for many years and are quite common.   The T.S. have a smaller pin hole for steel pins and are also for telephone use and are also common.  These typically sell in the $1.00 each range.  Your porcelain piece is made by Porcelain Products and are for electrical power distribution.  In brown, these are also common similar to the clear glass pieces.  I'd need a picture to identify the other porcelains.  Since these are common and you have a large accumulation these may be of interest for a craftsman who will repurpose these to make lights, etc.  Craigslist can work very well to offer these.  Hope this helps!  

         Thanks, --Bob

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