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Hi Bob, i have 2 of these and havent found any info or picts. Are they rare and valuable? Or too heavy to be worth shipping? They measure around 8 1/2" high and maybe 11 or 12" in diameter at the wide part. Any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Your item looks like part of a multi-part insulator.  Multipart insulators are large high voltage insulators made from multiple porcelain shells cemented together.  Your item looks like one of these individual shells before cementing.  The coarse sand at the top is to facilitate cementing this piece into a larger shell.  These come in two, three, and four parts.  If your piece is threaded inside, then it would be the bottom most shell which would screw onto a pin on a power line.  If it is also sanded, it may be a center shell of a three or four part multipart.  Here is a picture of a two part multipart:

Unless really early and rare this will not have much collector value as it is not a complete insulator.  It could be a great craft or garden item.  

         Thanks, --Bob

Collectibles--General (Modern)

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