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Greetings Mr. Finkler,

I found the medal in the attached images in my grandfather's things after he died.  While it appears to be a medal, I don't think it is a military medal based on the wording on the back. Would you be able to tell what kind of medal this is or give me a lead to learn about it?  I am at a loss.  I greatly appreciate your time.


Hi Ruthie,
Thanks for submitting your question.
I could not make out what is written on the back and even so I agree with you that the "medal" is not military. I would tend to say it is Canadian because their symbol is the maple leaf, however, they use a three point leaf, not a five point leaf as you have. It looks like  there is a loop for a ribbon on the back? I would say it is related to a fraternal organization, maybe a Canadian one. I would start there. Hope this is of some help to you.
Sincerely, Bill
PS: I was just able to see the back, it is inscribed "The Whitehead & Hoag Co of Newark N.J. They were a known, rather large, early maker of pins, badges, medals; i.e. fraternal, military, union etc. and were very productive from early WWI through WWII

Collectibles--General (Modern)

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