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Greetings Mr Berry.  I am trying to find a value for a Brookfield X1 insulator. It appears to be unused if that impacts the value. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated! The images I attached were taken in front of my screen to help pull out the details but if this isn't helpful, please let me know.  


Hi Ruthie,

We identify your insulator as a CD 102.  Insulator collectors have developed a numbering system for the various styles.  I'd date this from the early 1900s.  Brookfield was based out of Old Bridge, NJ and was in business from the 1860's through 1922.  I suspect that your insulator was used but sustained no damage in use (not too unusual for these rugged glass pieces) -- we would classify a piece like this as being in mint condition (no damage).  These are pretty common as they were used by the millions so do not have a high collector value - figure $2 or so.  These are still great pieces of communication history being well over 100 years old!  The X1 on the dome is a mold number - these were used to track production. Hope this helps

         Thanks, --Bob

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