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Grand Army of the Republic Medal
Grand Army of the Repu  
I have the medal part of one of these Grand Army of the Republic medals. it was in my husband's collection he had as a teenager in England. I have looked carefully at this witha magnifying glass but i don't seem to be able to see any spots where the ribbon pin would have been. Unfortunately it is missing the ribbon and the top part.  Were there any that were simply grave markers or were all made with the ribbon and the top-part with the Eagle. How often are these found? Can a ribbon be acquired? if it should have had a pin just where do i look please?  

I belong to a small rural museum on the outskits of a large city in Australia and in a about a week we are commemorating the Gallipoli landing of the ANZAC Troops in 1914. The committee wishes to display this collection as the medals are from a number of war theatres and countries.   I am trying to collect as much information on each medal so that we can make an interesting and informative display.

Thanks for any answers.


Hi Essnell,
Thanks for the question.
What you have is the bottom part or "medal" of a Grand Army of the Republic Veterans Membership Award. These all came with a ribbon which was in the form of an American Flag and was suspended from the "medal" by a pin that crossed the 2 upper most tips of the "star" over the two figures. The ribbon then extended to the top piece (i.e) eagle with cannon, that also had a horizontal bar to which the ribbon was attached. Above the place where the ribbon ends, on the back of the eagle, is an impressed number, corresponding to the member recipient.
I have seen some of the medals like you have, but I assume that they are all missing the other parts.
If you wanted to restore the medal you would have to have a jeweler solder the bar to the two top points of the medal. You can find replacement ribbon and the top part eagle suspender on eBay as many of these medals did get separated.
The piece is quite common and many complete examples are offered on eBay on a daily basis.
Good luck with your display, sounds interesting.
Sincerely, Bill

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