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Dear Marilyn, I found an old toy and had it for a while did not see any other like this, I would like to know more about it If you could help me. Thank you and Happy Holidays. John

Hi John,

Unfortunately, my specialty is bubble blowing toys, so I can't be a lot of help.  This does look like an old toy, however, and is certainly worth doing more investigating about.  It looks like a cat to me, and I'm assuming that the sticks allow it to move.  I'm not sure how you would describe it, but it might be called a puppet.  I checked ebay and couldn't find anything similar, but you might try watching there under the category of vintage toys.  I tried using "stick" as a way to narrow the category, and you might end up finding something there.

Another thing you might try is using goggle to find toy collectors and sending emails to anyone who collects antique toys and see if they recognize your toy and can send you in the right direction to learn more about it.  Good luck in your search.  I hope you can find more about it because it does look quite special.  


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