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Collectibles--Toys/Mattel Buffet from the 60's


Dina Pontello wrote at 2012-08-10 03:56:04
I think it was the Little Hostess Buffet. I had one, too. White French provencial,green plates, silver. Best shots found on:

What a thoughtful,fun-loving daughter you are to consider this :)

Dina Pontello wrote at 2012-08-10 03:58:52
sorry - cancel previous comment. Not helpful, as I didn't see the rest of her post.

Lilah wrote at 2013-04-06 07:19:58
I have the buffet only from the Mavis with Buffet set. It's in it's original box, with an empty spot where Mavis the doll used to be. There is no Mavis. I cannot remember if we ever had her, the buffet came used. It was made by Marx Toys - NOT Mattel. I cannot find any info on this item. In fact, found your post while looking up its value as I was packing it up to give away. Wish I could post it directly to your mother, honestly. Though, without the doll, I don't know how much comfort it would bring.

Mavis is pictured with blonde bubble cut hair, red gingham dress, white half apron and white shoes/ socks. You could eBay search for a 10" Marx doll fitting that description. The buffet is marked on the back: Marx Toys in a circle, made in Hong Kong, 1964 (in Roman numerals).  

Lisa wrote at 2013-04-06 18:50:57
Mavis with Buffet was made by Marx Toys. I know, because I have the buffet in it's original box with a picture of the doll. No doll anymore. The buffet is marked 1964. The doll would have been 10" long to fit in it's slot in the box shared with the buffet. The buffet is white with gold highlights, the dishes are blue plastic. You can find images of the buffet packaged separately as "Little Hostess Buffet" by Marx. They made child sized and doll sized buffets. That's where the mix up in the question and answers is coming from. You've got 2 sizes out there. They are not a Mattel item. The doll picutred on the box has a blonde bubble cut, a red and white gingham short dress and a white half apron.  


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