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QUESTION: Ok. I have a pez dispenser that has a backround of disney fairies and says it is supposed to have chocolate candy. but the actual pez dispenser is toy stories woody and has lemon candy. what do you think its worth?

ANSWER: Hi Mariah,

"Back in the day",,, finding a mis-packaged dispenser was a rarity, and collectors would pay upwards of $5-$15 for one...
These days, unfortunately, this is all too common...

Average price for mis-packaged dispensers is from $2-$3 at conventions.
The caveat is which characters are represented and which collectors think them novel.

Thanks for asking.
Dale - /

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QUESTION: could it be worth more in the future if it is not opened??

ANSWER: Hi Mariah,
Unfortunately, no...  mis-packaged dispensers pretty much just are-what-they-are.

If you have a dispenser that is mis-painted, or missing pieces (such as hair, face plates, fins, noses, etc), then those could increase in value still in their original packaging.
Something to keep your eyes open for.

Albeit, it's still a $2 toy with candy...  "increased value" is relative.
Not exactly investment value, if you know what I mean.

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QUESTION: Why are they so common now and why do people think there still valuable?

PEZ Co has gone through multiple stages of growth over the past two decades...  More newer dispensers are coming out now than ever before...
Also, quality control seems to have adjusted their priorities in relation to packaging.

Today's dispensers are made in the millions of quantities...  the valuable ones are the vintage from the 50's and 60's where the quantities were far less, and those that survived are even less than that.

supply and demand is the answer.


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