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Hi Dale,
I have 12 Pez dispensers in a wooden holder that was obviously made for them. It has a brass label on it that says Zany Zoo, Complete Coverage Collection 2001. Some of them still have the candy still in them. I am thinking of donating them to our Thrift Shop (Boys and Girls Club) and I wondered if I should try to sell it and give them them the money. Are they very valuable? Let me know what you think I should do?  Thanks, Nancy

Hi Nancy,
I am unfamiliar with any promo using a wooden display?
Is it "Kooky Zoo" as opposed to "Zany Zoo" ?

The dispensers (pending condition) should be worth $2-$4 a piece from the Kooky Zoo series, if they're all together in a collector's set.
The packaging they are in may help bring a premium...

Do you have a photo?  If so, you can email to and I'll see if I can confirm those details, or look through some books to see if there may have been others documented.

Sounds like a nice item!
-Dale ( /


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