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I purchased a 25th anniversary Star Trek set at Wal Mart that contains two of the same character(Geordie LaForge). I wanted to see if this may be worth more than the retail price and if so what would be the best outlet to sell it.I am attaching an image as well. I'm not the best photographer so i apologize.


Hi Mike,
Back, say about 20 years ago, a mis-packaged dispenser was a real rarity...  Unfortunately, these days, it is all too common...  Even in the "special sets" that are mass produced for collectors.

As far as value verses retail sale goes... I'd call it de-valued due to the package being able to be opened, and there's actually a character missing from the set making it in-complete.
Would be different if the packaging were glued together,,, but honestly, these days, even that is perfectly reproduce-able.

With that said,,, there's always an audience via everyone's favorite online auction site!
I'm still amazed at some of the items that get sold there, as well as what some are willing to pay for them.

Best of luck with your collection!
-Dale / rhinopez


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